Boutique law firm ‘Article’ is a multifunctional team of experts in law, economics and finance, working together to maximise the quality of the services provided to our clients. Our experts are members of the Association of Russian Lawyers, the Russian Corporate Counsel Association, as well as the Board of Independent Anticorruption Expertise of normative acts under the Russian Ministry of Justice.

Our professional team guarantees successful solutions in complex projects requiring both legal and economic knowledge and skills, as well as professional support to our clients in virtually any branch of law.

The professionalism of our team with an excellent track record in corporate law and management is at the disposal of our clients. Our skills and expertise coupled with a holistic yet individual approach enable the team of the boutique law firm ‘Article’ to provide optimum solutions to our clients in fulfilling each task. In addition, the firm has an enviable experience in forming unique teams of experts in order to match our clients’ individual needs most effectively.

We appreciate our clients’ trust and cooperation, and take pride in the fact that the majority of our new clients come to the boutique law firm ‘Article’ based on recommendation from our existing clients and partners.
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