The experience of our team ensures a holistic approach to the application of bankruptcy legislation. This approach allows for specific and individual solutions which are best suited to our clients’ or their contractors’ needs (e.g. credit organisations, agricultural holdings, property developers or natural monopoly players), also taking into account any other relevant legislation, including taxation.

Boutique law firm ‘Article’ guarantees highly skilled assistance in all aspects of credit organisation bankruptcy. Our experts represent the interests of both the creditors and debtors of any given credit organisation, as well as its shareholders, at any stage of receivership, ensure minimum financial loss in the process of liquidation of a credit organisation.

In addition, our professional team provides support with bankruptcy issues of individuals. We work hard to ensure the bankruptcy procedure is executed in the best interests of our clients and find the most effective solutions to minimise our clients’ debts.

We represent our clients’ interests and provide the following bankruptcy solutions:

  • preparation and submission of paperwork related to the acknowledgement of insolvency as well as the creditors’ claim register;
  • objections to the claims from unscrupulous creditors, debtor’s dubious transactions and transactions involving preferential satisfaction;
  • sales of the debtor’s property at auction;
  • amicable (out-of-court) settlement in bankruptcy procedures;
  • representation at creditors’ meetings / committees;
  • submission of claims to relevant law enforcement authorities with regards to bankruptcy procedures.
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