Our clients’ business requires constant development, growth and penetration into various spheres of economics for additional investment and business opportunities. Under strict investment competition, our clients’ need for highly professional support in business restructuring and financial recovery becomes increasingly critical.

One of the contributing factors towards an increase in economic viability and investment attractiveness of a business enterprise is effective and successful management. Which is based on a wide range of complex relationships between different levels of management and third parties. Our team will provide the best solution to the building up of a successful and working model of corporate management within an optimum time frame. Our experts in business restructuring offer you the following high-end solutions:

  • a wide spectrum of reorganisation and restructuring options;
  • support in creating and registering legal entities, limited enterprises, open joint stock companies, subsidiaries etc.;
  • legal support in establishing and registering non-profit organisations;
  • reorganisation and liquidation of enterprises, merger, affiliation, division and other procedures.
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